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# provide support to insight API servers
# see also

import decimal
import json
import io

from .agent import request, urlencode, urlopen

from pycoin.block import Block
from pycoin.coins.bitcoin.ScriptTools import BitcoinScriptTools
from pycoin.coins.bitcoin.Tx import Tx
from pycoin.convention import btc_to_satoshi
from pycoin.encoding.hash import double_sha256
from pycoin.encoding.hexbytes import b2h, b2h_rev, h2b, h2b_rev
from pycoin.merkle import merkle
from pycoin.networks.default import get_current_netcode

[docs]class InsightProvider(object): def __init__(self, base_url="", netcode=None): if netcode is None: netcode = get_current_netcode() while base_url[-1] == '/': base_url = base_url[:-1] self.base_url = base_url
[docs] def get_blockchain_tip(self): URL = "%s/status?q=getLastBlockHash" % self.base_url d = urlopen(URL).read().decode("utf8") r = json.loads(d) return h2b_rev(r.get("lastblockhash"))
[docs] def get_blockheader(self, block_hash): return self.get_blockheader_with_transaction_hashes(block_hash)[0]
[docs] def get_blockheader_with_transaction_hashes(self, block_hash): URL = "%s/block/%s" % (self.base_url, b2h_rev(block_hash)) r = json.loads(urlopen(URL).read().decode("utf8")) version = r.get("version") previous_block_hash = h2b_rev(r.get("previousblockhash")) merkle_root = h2b_rev(r.get("merkleroot")) timestamp = r.get("time") difficulty = int(r.get("bits"), 16) nonce = int(r.get("nonce")) tx_hashes = [h2b_rev(tx_hash) for tx_hash in r.get("tx")] blockheader = Block(version, previous_block_hash, merkle_root, timestamp, difficulty, nonce) if blockheader.hash() != block_hash: return None, None calculated_hash = merkle(tx_hashes, double_sha256) if calculated_hash != merkle_root: return None, None blockheader.height = r.get("height") return blockheader, tx_hashes
[docs] def get_block_height(self, block_hash): return self.get_blockheader_with_transaction_hashes(block_hash)[0].height
[docs] def tx_for_tx_hash(self, tx_hash): URL = "%s/tx/%s" % (self.base_url, b2h_rev(tx_hash)) r = json.loads(urlopen(URL).read().decode("utf8")) tx = tx_from_json_dict(r) if tx.hash() == tx_hash: return tx return None
[docs] def get_tx_confirmation_block(self, tx_hash): return self.get_tx(tx_hash).confirmation_block_hash
[docs] def spendables_for_address(self, address): """ Return a list of Spendable objects for the given bitcoin address. """ URL = "%s/addr/%s/utxo" % (self.base_url, address) r = json.loads(urlopen(URL).read().decode("utf8")) spendables = [] for u in r: coin_value = btc_to_satoshi(str(u.get("amount"))) script = h2b(u.get("scriptPubKey")) previous_hash = h2b_rev(u.get("txid")) previous_index = u.get("vout") spendables.append(Tx.Spendable(coin_value, script, previous_hash, previous_index)) return spendables
[docs] def spendables_for_addresses(self, addresses): spendables = [] for addr in addresses: spendables.extend(self.spendables_for_address(addr)) return spendables
[docs] def send_tx(self, tx): s = io.BytesIO() tx_as_hex = b2h(s.getvalue()) data = urlencode(dict(rawtx=tx_as_hex)).encode("utf8") URL = "%s/tx/send" % self.base_url try: d = urlopen(URL, data=data).read() return d except request.HTTPError as err: if err.code == 400: raise ValueError(err.readline()) raise err
[docs]def tx_from_json_dict(r): version = r.get("version") lock_time = r.get("locktime") txs_in = [] for vin in r.get("vin"): if "coinbase" in vin: previous_hash = b'\0' * 32 script = h2b(vin.get("coinbase")) previous_index = 4294967295 else: previous_hash = h2b_rev(vin.get("txid")) scriptSig = vin.get("scriptSig") if "hex" in scriptSig: script = h2b(scriptSig.get("hex")) else: script = BitcoinScriptTools.compile(scriptSig.get("asm")) previous_index = vin.get("vout") sequence = vin.get("sequence") txs_in.append(Tx.TxIn(previous_hash, previous_index, script, sequence)) txs_out = [] for vout in r.get("vout"): coin_value = btc_to_satoshi(decimal.Decimal(vout.get("value"))) script = BitcoinScriptTools.compile(vout.get("scriptPubKey").get("asm")) txs_out.append(Tx.TxOut(coin_value, script)) tx = Tx(version, txs_in, txs_out, lock_time) bh = r.get("blockhash") if bh: bh = h2b_rev(bh) tx.confirmation_block_hash = bh return tx