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This documentation is a work-in-progress, and your contributions are welcome at <>.

The pycoin library implements many of utilities useful when dealing with bitcoin and some bitcoin-like alt-coins. It has been tested with Python 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7.

A Note about Naming

Many of the names of data structures in bitcoin, like “script pubkey”, are derived from names that came from the original C++ source code (known here as the “satoshi client”). Often times, it appears these names were chosen out of expediency, and frequently they are overly generic which makes it difficult to understand or remember what they are for.

With the benefit of time and a lack of legacy users, pycoin has had the luxury to come up with alternative names for many of these structures that more clearly suggest their actual use. We will use the pycoin names for these structures in this documentation, but will also make mention of the “official” names used by the satoshi client.


Although pycoin is primarily engineered for bitcoin, it supports various altcoins to various degrees (and has the capability to support altcoins fully… contributions welcome!).


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