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import io
import json

from .agent import urlopen

from pycoin.coins.bitcoin.Tx import Tx
from pycoin.encoding.hexbytes import b2h_rev, h2b, h2b_rev
from pycoin.networks.default import get_current_netcode

[docs]class ChainSoProvider(object): def __init__(self, netcode=None): NETWORK_PATHS = { "BTC": "BTC", "XTN": "BTCTEST", "DOGE": "DOGE", "XDT": "DOGETEST", } if netcode is None: netcode = get_current_netcode() self.network_path = NETWORK_PATHS.get(netcode)
[docs] def base_url(self, method, args): return "" % (method, self.network_path, args)
[docs] def spendables_for_address(self, address): """ Return a list of Spendable objects for the given bitcoin address. """ spendables = [] r = json.loads(urlopen(self.base_url('get_tx_unspent', address)).read().decode("utf8")) for u in r['data']['txs']: coin_value = int(float(u['value']) * 100000000) script = h2b(u["script_hex"]) previous_hash = h2b_rev(u["txid"]) previous_index = u["output_no"] spendables.append(Tx.Spendable(coin_value, script, previous_hash, previous_index)) return spendables
[docs] def tx_for_tx_hash(self, tx_hash): "Get a Tx by its hash." url = self.base_url("get_tx", b2h_rev(tx_hash)) r = json.loads(urlopen(url).read().decode("utf8")) tx = Tx.parse(io.BytesIO(h2b(r.get("data").get("tx_hex")))) return tx